Bob French

Chief Operating Officer, 75F

Md Mehedi

Entrepreneur lead
PhD Candidate, Materials Science

Minnealloy magnetic cores have superior magnetic and electric properties than other soft magnetic materials.

What we make

2017: Finalist (Top 1%) of Cleantech University prize

2016: Champion in Minnesota Cup (Student Div), Raised $30,000 seed money 


Scientific Background

Our lab at University of Minnesota has discovered a new soft magnetic material, Minnealloy. It has superior magnetic performance than the stat-of-the-art materials such as Ferrite and nanocrystalline and amorphous alloys.

The superior magnetic properties will be helpful in reducing machine size and weight and improve efficiency. The machine size reduction will also influence in reducing the cooling requirements. The improved efficiency can save approximately $140 B worth electricity each year.

Minnealoy magnetic core will get you..........


Advisor Board

We manufacture novel magnetic cores for the applications of transformers and inductors used in power converters, motors, generators and sensors.

Minnealloy cores have high saturation magnetization and high resistivity.  

Minnealloy Magnetics produces the best magnetic cores available in the market.

Prof jian-Ping Wang, PhD

​Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Superior Technology

Mark Theobald, PhD

Hybrid System Integration Engineer at General Motors [Retired]
General Motors Powertrain / GM Global Propulsion Systems